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My ideal engagement is a long, sensual, and passionate date with someone who is selective, sophisticated, and enjoys the company of a beautiful mature woman. From start to finish, chemistry and a connection are important to me and will enhance our time together. It takes a spark to start a fire.

Additionally, I prefer the company of discreet and respectful people that are selective. I prefer to experience a sexy, long-lasting friendship and am not a fan of the “one-off.” I understand that everyone is different and would love to get to know you prior to meeting in person.

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[faq style=”” title=”Donation Handling” ]
I accept cash only although most new friends are subject to a deposit prior to our initial meeting. The deposit ensures that you are serious about meeting. I do not have any rationale to run off with your deposit as I value my reputation and treat people as I would expect to be treated.

Cancellation fees and deposits for dates, extended dates, and travel companionship will require a deposit via wire transfer, Venmo, Cash APP, and/or other methods. Deposits are required for securing longer dates. All donations must be in an unsealed envelope with the word “GIFT” written on it. I will not take the donation directly from you!

YOUR PLACE: Please place the donation in the bathroom in plain view while I freshen up before our appointment.

MY PLACE: Please place the donation outside the restroom in plain view and excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up. I will not take the donation directly from you.

PUBLIC SETTING: Please put the donation in a gift bag or a greeting card while we are in public.


[faq style=”” title=”How do we meet?”]

I encourage all new friends to fill out my appointment request form. If you are not comfortable with filling out my appointment request form, you are more than welcome to email me with a nice introduction and the following information at rosemastos@gmail.com

  • Your full legal name
  • City and State that you reside in
  • Your age
  • Your handle on P411 or other third party websites
  • Screening information (Screening is mandatory)
    • The names and contact information of at least two reputable active models whom you have seen in the last 6-12 months.
    • Where you work and your position in the company. A LinkedIn page is appreciated.
  • Preferred time, date, and duration of our time together
  • Preference for meeting at your place, my place, or a travel engamement
  • Any special requests in regard to wardrobe, etc


[faq style=”” title=”Hygiene” ]
Please shower either at your location or mine before our time together begins! I have impeccable hygiene and cleanliness and expect the same from you. The fresh, out-of-the-shower scent is sexy… funky smells are not.
[faq style=”” title=”Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking”]
I understand that some may indulge in recreational drugs. You do you. I kindly ask you to not consume any recreational drugs or drink excessively during our time together as it will dampen our encounter. If you become intoxicated or consume drugs during our time together, our date will promptly end and no refunds will be given.

Please do not smoke during our time together since I am not a fan of the odor or taste. This applies to both cigarettes and 4/20. I kindly ask you to use mouthwash or gum prior to our fun if you smoked before our meeting.

[faq style=”” title=”Duration”]
If you are enjoying your time with me and wish to extend our companionship, I might be able to accommodate your desire if my schedule permits. In the event, I can spend more time with you, please be mindful of my additional compensation requirements so that we can extend our time together. And remember, the compensation is only intended for my time and companionship.


[faq style=”” title=”Grooming” ]
Although not required, grooming is much appreciated!

[faq style=”” title=”Do you see couples?” ]
I absolutely love meeting couples. I am attracted to both men and women. I start with a two-hour minimum so we can all have enough time to get to know one another.
[faq style=”” title=”Cancellations and No Call/No Show” ]
If you cancel, please give me as much notice as possible. If you cancel within 1 hour of our appointment I ask that you pay me 1/2 the agreed upon consideration. No exceptions.

No Call/No Show will have you listed nationally as someone who does this. Getting blacklisted is not something you want to do if you ever plan on hiring someone else. You will find very quickly that your calls won’t be answered or text messaged returned. This is likely because you’ve burned a bridge or two.

My time is as important as your time. Be considerate. If you are a NC/NS I will require full consideration for the appointment you missed before I ever schedule another time. I’ll also require a deposit of $100 for the next appointment.

I’m sorry, but NC/NS is one of the biggest no no in the industry. If we don’t meet keep this in mind when you hire a different companion.
[faq style=”” title=”Visiting and Touring Cancellations” ]
I will confirm our date at least a week ahead of time. Dates canceled within 5 days of when we are supposed to meet will incur a cancellation fee of 25% of our initial date. Dates canceled within 48 hours or less will incur a 50% fee of our initial date. Cancellations within 24-hours or less will incur a 100% fee of our initial date.
[faq style=”” title=”Correspondence” ]
Explicit, vulgar, and poorly written emails will be automatically deleted and not answered. Please be respectful when trying to contact me and do not ask for inappropriate content such as photos or inappropriate dirty talk. I am a professional companion model, please treat our correspondence as you would on a dating site. I also tend to gravitate more to emails that are articulate and well-written verses sloppy writing, one-liners, or the dreaded “u available?” or “U ever come to __?” emails.

[faq style=”” title=”Why do you screen?” ]
I screen everyone against the sex offender registries and a national blacklist for clients who have a bad record with other companions. You may think to yourself that you’re not dangerous, but remember that I don’t know you yet.

My safety is of utmost importance. If I’m not comfortable with our communication, and your identity we won’t meet.

Many people who have never hired a companion before are concerned about their privacy. I understand that. All companions are heavily screened on Slixa, Tryst, P411, TOB, TER, and Eros before they are allowed to advertise. Some of the other sites do not validate the girls and you’re more likely to have a bad experience.
[faq style=”” title=”Why would you require a deposit?” ]
I may require a small deposit for dates for various reasons. Our time together is valuable and I center my entire day around our date. Deposits help secure this time together for both of us without any interferences. Canceling on my end is extremely rare, however, if I do happen to do so I can guarantee I will send your deposit back within 24 hours. If you happen to have to cancel with 48 hours of notice, your deposit will be applied to our future date. If you must cancel without 48 hours notice there will be a nonrefundable 50% cancelation fee, however, your deposit will still be applied to a future date.

[faq style=”” title=”COVID-19″ ]
Covid-19 has changed the way I handle all incalls. I shower before and after each visit. I ask that you shower before each appointment and use soap everywhere you wish to be touched.
[faq style=”” title=”Special Requests”]
I would love to fulfill any special requests you may have in mind for our time together! If you are enticed by one of my lingerie sets, think a pair of heels looks irresistible, or perhaps have a specific scenario that gets your heart racing, please do let me know! If I do not have a specific outfit to fulfill your request, you are more than welcome to purchase it for me and have me model it for you.
[faq style=”” title=”Discretion”]
I understand that your privacy is also important and I make it my top priority. Please be assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion. NDA’s will be happily signed upon request.

P411 offers a discrete option for you to validate seperate from me. This is a paid service used by companions worldwide. Most companions accept P411 validations and reviews. If you are concerned about giving me your information, I suggest you use their services.
[faq style=”” title=”Do you provide an incall?” ]
If needed, I am more than willing to arrange a comfortable incall in town
for an additional fee and prior notice. While on tour I always secure a beautiful location for our time together.
[faq style=”” title=”Would you consider seeing someone under 40?” ]
Yes, but never under 21 years of age. I do ask for your age when validating if I suspect you’re under the age of 40. In some cases, I will require a copy of your ID with your DOB on it.

[faq style=”” title=”Do you tour or travel?” ]
I do not offer a travel option to new clients. If you are a regular and I’m more than happy to travel to your location or with you. Inquire on my rates as I’ll adjust them based on travel time, time with you, and location.

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