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I am located near Fort Collins and provide outcall service for the Denver Metro area as well. My considerations are set based on the amount of time and work I put into each and every one of my dates. I take good care of myself so that I can look my best for you.

BEWARE of other providers who have much lower considerations, most have hidden charges for additional services that aren’t disclosed until you meet with them. With me you get my undivided attention during our entire time together, all to make you feel the way you deserve!


[price name=”DURATION” price=”REQUEST”]

[price name=”1 hour” description=”Minimum” price=”$300″ ]

[price name=”90 minutes” description=”Recommended” price=”$400″]

[price name=”2 hrs” description=”” price=”$600″]

[price name=”3 hrs” description=”” price=”$900″]

[price name=”4 hrs” description=”” price=”$1200″]

[price name=”5 hrs” description=”” price=”$1600″]

[price name=”6 hrs” description=”” price=”$1900″]

[price name=”More time?” price=”Ask”]

For outcall locations less than 30 minutes away there is no additional considerations for driving time. For locations over 30 minutes away please add $50 for each additional 30 minutes of driving.

I will do some incall appointments on a case by case basis, but never without validation. If you are a returning client, apointments are as easy as scheduling.






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[price name=”Duration” price=”Request”]

[price name=”4 hours” price=”$3000″]

[price name=”8 hours” price=”$5000″]

[price name=”24 hrs” price=”$7000″]

***These donations do not include travel expenses.


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