​​​​Professional Work

I’ve been asked by a number of clients where they can find my professional and amateur video work. While not everything I shoot can be listed here, I have included a few links.

Outside companies…

2020: Private Society (not published yet) hired me for two shoots near Des Moines, Iowa. This was my first shoot since the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of the industry.

2019: The SCORE Group hired me for a shoot in Los Angeles, California. I had a scene with Codey Steele and Donnie Rock.

2019: IsThatMom.com hired me for a shoot in Denver, Colorado. The scene was the first professional one to get published.

…or my personal project:

2020: ManyVids I started early this year to produce a few amature/professional videos. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has stopped me from producing more than a few. I’ll be adding videos as I make them available.

I have a few social media accounts where you can find images and short video clips that I make available to the public. Please follow me there.


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